Monday, October 11, 2010

Mahoney Class

hey, taking John Mahoney's online art class!!
this assignment was doing stills from a movie of our choice and turn the chars into animal chars...
i like Taxi Driver and this is what i came up in the some new sketches soon...or not.


Alex Chechik said...

These are brilliant, Jack!

[B]ehram said...

damn sonn looking spiffy, never seen you do something that dark before but that's some good stuff. that class looks like fun

vivian lai said...

nice colours, looking good!

Lettie Lo said...

jumbo mumbo!

Kenneth Tam said...

awesome stuff! never thought of that idea, really neat. the color looks great and nice shots u pick.

Lisa Tao said...

very cool :D

christopher said...

pretty cool jacko.

erika danusasmita said...

neat! looked like a fun assignment :)

Naz said...

Thats a great concept, great job Jack..

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